26 Wonders of Honey..!!

benefits of honey

1. Drinking merged honey into water, all bowel stains will disappear.

2. Regular eating honey helps strengthen memorizing (strengthens memory) and strengthens the body physically.

3. If you drink honey dissolved in warm water helps against diarrhea.

4. If you drink honey dissolved in cold water, helps against constipation.

5. With the use of honey you purify and facilitate the circulation of blood in your body.

6. Honey is the only remedy for curing heart fast beating(tachycardia).

7. Honey creates facilitation of organism, while sugar burdens it.

8. If you drink hot honey it will be mixed with blood for 7 minutes, while cool for 20 minutes.

9. When you eat honey the stomach works fine and does not require powders or medication to help processing.

10. Honey removes the pain in the eyes by swiping with clean finger the eye.

11. For anemic, honey is the bomb blood.

12. For bone pain eating honey is undisputed medicine

13. The icterus, if he eat honey morning and evening, for 15-20 days it will be healed.

14. Honey removes the nerves cramp.

15. Honey helps in the growth and development of children.

16. Persons who are nervous, and to those who have sleep, honey helps to relax.

17. He who eats honey may not have constipation and hemorrhoids can not be created.

18. If honey dissolved in warm milk disappear intestinal worms.

19. If you dye a heated material with honey and place it on the neck or chest, throat pain shall be immediately removed. This is when you have flashing on tosils and angina.

20. If certain amount of honey is mixed with cherry and you wash the throat several times a day the smell of mouth will be removed immediately.

21. Honey used for healing of the wound with pus. Such a wound should immediately be dyed with honey, and the patient should eat 10 to 15 times. Rapid improvement will be noticed.
22. Honey interrupts stomach pains.

23. Wounds of the stomach and intestines honey heals quickly. During a week should eat up to 4 kg of honey. If so eat for three weeks, to become a month, from wounds of stomach will not remain any sign.

Dr. Kolosau says: “I have personally experienced this in 97 patients and my own child and I gained 100% positive results. ”

24. If places in the back and shoulders where the pain is felt, you dye with honey and put pepper dust on it, pain immediately will be removed.

25. The bee honey is the remedy for rheumatism. Time to time allow bee to bite you at parts affected by rheumatic pains.

26. Children who urinate in bed should eat honey and this disease will be terminated.

Source: Healthy advisement

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