Winter special: 5 fruits you must have to boost immunity

Winter is a time when those whacky cold winds can give you cold and flu and other seasonal health disorders. So one needs to have not just a healthy diet, but also consume fruits as they are packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help fight infections and boost immunity to fight against diseases.

All those scrumptious cakes and candies might attract you, but that best-tasting foods just add to one’s calorie intake and don’t help otherwise.

So, here is a list of five super-foods one must indulge in this winter:

Oranges: They are packed with Vitamin C and just one orange can supply 116.2% of the daily value of Vitamin C which helps prevent colds and recurrent ear infections.

Kiwi: Kiwi is a rich source potassium and antioxidants and help boost immunity and keep blood pressure in check.

Tangerines: This sweet and sour fruit is advisable especially for heart patients as it helps fight against bad cholesterol and clean trans-fat.

Pomegranate: This is one fruit which is highly recommended for those who are anaemic as it helps stimulate blood production. Also, it is helps prevent ageing of skin.

Cranberries: It is a rich source of antioxidants, Vitamin C and necessary fibre which helps boost immunity during winters.

Source: inagist

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