Low-sugar vs. low-fat: Twin doctors experiment to see which diet works best

In the quest to lose weight, is cutting out sugar or cutting out fat the solution?

To find the answer, 35-year-old identical twins Chris and Xand van Tulleken, who are both doctors, conducted a month-long experiment. While Chris, a physician at University College Hospital, London went on a low-fat, high-carb regime, Xand, director of the Institute of Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University in New York, chose a high-fat, low-carb diet.

The brothers both lost weight. Xand lost the most– nine pounds in one month.

In conclusion, the brothers found that eliminating a single macro-nutrient like fat or sugar is not a solution to weight loss, nor are fad diets.

“It is about building an environment in your life where you could easily eat a cheap and healthy diet and get enough exercise. It is amazing that we are not all fat and I come away with a sense that I know enough about diet and nutrition and I should be reducing the calories and building an environment where I can do that rather than looking for one toxic ingredient,” Chris said.

After the experiment ended, the British twins also concluded that the real villains when it comes to weight gain are processed foods that contained a combination of high fat and high sugar.

Susan Jebb, professor of diet and population health at the University of Oxford, agreed with their conclusion.

“Processed foods pack calories in and are unbelievably attractive and delicious,” she told the Daily Express. “They are temptations for all of us and it is astonishing that any of us stay slim.”

The brothers’ experiment will be featured in the UK on BBC Two’s Horizon program tonight.

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