Lentil cheap and healthy food

Lentil cheap and healthy food

The low rate of cardiovascular ailments at residents of Spain and Italy is directly connected to the food-rich in lentil, writes British “Telegraph”. Lentil helps at losing weight, because it contains very few calories.

Lentil belongs to the group of grain legumes vegetables, along with beans, peas, green beans. Around 40 lentil varieties are known that vary in color, size and shape.

It is grown since the Stone Age, and presumably originated from southwestern Asia, from where it is brought ??in Europe.

It is assumed that the lentil is the first commodity that man began to grow. It is found in archaeological sites from 8000 years ago in the Middle East, and is found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs .

Cultivated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and is mentioned in the Bible. For centuries lentil, jointly with barley and wheat, were a basic human necessities. It is rich in protein and fiber (100 grams dry lentils contains 48 % protein and 46 % of the recommended daily fiber needs) . Other legumes are the best source of protein .

Lentil cheap and healthy food2

The healing properties of the lentil

  • -helps digest food and maintain proper stool
  • -important source of carbohydrate for diabetics
  • -pectins and rubber in dried lentil or beans lower cholesterol levels, thus providing indirect protection against heart disease
  • -Lentils and beans are digested very slowly, causing a gradual increase in blood sugar .For that the body needs less insulin to regulate blood sugar after consuming lenses and beans than when consumed potatoes or bread wich is quickly digested and raise blood sugar levels
  • -It does not contain saturated fat, doesn’t contain cholesterol and is an excellent source of soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • -Soluble fiber reduces blood sugar and cholesterol levels , while insoluble fiber may boost metabolism of digestion and shorten the retention time of food in the intestines. Thus reduce the risk of colon cancer .

The lentil contains a high percentage of B vitamins , which positively affects the nervous system, skin and hair, while the high amount of iron in it helps in anemia.
When cooking , put the lentils in boiling water because it will cook faster . Depending on the type of lentil, cooking takes 20 to 40 minutes.

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