J-K Govt organizes vaccination camp for Hajj pilgrims

The Jammu and Kashmir Government has organized a vaccination camp here for pilgrims heading for the Hajj to ensure they are protected from different diseases.

Every year, Muslims undertake a pilgrimage to Mecca as part of their religious duty and hope for salvation.

To ensure complete safety and a healthy journey, the state government decided to bear the expenses to vaccinate Hajj pilgrims this year.

Hajj pilgrims have welcomed the government`s initiative.
“Omar Abdullah (Chief Minister) announced an offering of Rs. 5,700,000 for this program. This has broug

ht great relief to the pilgrims,” said Gul Ahmad Khan, a pilgrim at the vaccination camp on Monday.

Each pilgrim received three vaccine shots, one each for Meningitis, polio and seasonal influenza.

The expenses for the first two are provided by the Government of India, while expenses for the third are borne by the state government, said Fayaz Lone, the executive officer of the State Hajj Committee.

The vaccination program has been launched at the district level where the pilgrims are being given injection for the protection from different diseases.

Authorities said over 8000 pilgrims will leave from the Kashmir valley for Mecca on September 7 for the annual pilgrimage.

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