4 beauty benefits of baking soda

Did you know that baking soda, a commonly used kitchen ingredient can also double-up as a beauty ingredient? It can come in handy as a deodorant, detox bath and more. Here’s how to use it effectively.

Baking Soda as deodarant

Run out of body spray? Quickly go to your kitchen and get some baking soda. It will help eliminate underarm wetness. Rub your armpits with a combination of one-eighth of a teaspoon of baking soda and one tablespoon of water and you are good to go.

Baking soda detox bath
You don’t always need scented candles and bath salts for a relaxing bath. Add a cup of baking soda and one-fourth cup of baby oil to your bath and relax. It has anti-fungal properties which will keep infections at bay and its cleansing action will help further. The addition of baby oil will leave your skin feeling soft.

Cuticle care with baking soda

Hand and nail care often gets neglected but they do most of our everyday tasks. Scrubbing dry, cracked cuticles with a paste made out of equal amounts of baking soda and warm water will help exfoliate dead skin cells and soften your hands.

Baking soda as an acne solution

Acne appears when the sebaceous glands work overtime and the pores get clogged leading to the formation of pimples. An inexpensive way to make the acne disappear faster is by mixing baking soda with a little bit of water and applying it on the acne until the pimple dries.

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