Water exercise leads to fitter frame: Expert


Cristiana Pipoli, aqua aerobics trainer at Jaypee Vasant Continental, feels that aqua aerobics can work wonders for those who do not believe in “working out” in the conventional way.

“This water workout reduces the weight of a person by up to 90 percent, thus reducing the stress burden on your body’s joints. The water also provides a natural resistance to your movements, making your aerobatics workout intense without you realising it. Aqua Aerobics also provides you with cardiovascular and strength training,” Pipoli said in a statement.

“Another great advantage of Aqua Aerobics is that water makes you less prone to the exercise injuries. It does not matter what age you are, or at what level of fitness you are, it is suitable for all and is an enjoyable method of exercise, that can be altered to your specific needs and or fitness levels to ensure a safe and effective workout,” Pipoli said in a statement.

Some of the water exercises suggested by the expert:

* Cross Country Sky – excellent for lifting the heart rate. Movement of both arms and legs.
* Back Curl – great exercise for glute.
* Straight Leg Lift Forward – Excellent to raise heart beat.
* Side Leg Left – for legs and inner thighs
* Frog Lift – inner thighs one can do this thing only in water
* Knees to Elbow Twist – for waist and for strong core.

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