Top 10 Tips for New Moms

Top 10 Tips for New Moms

The first year of motherhood is packed with joy, sleepless nights, and more than a few surprises. It seems like absolutely everyone — including books, pediatricians, parents, friends and a plethora of well-meaning bystanders — has an opinion on the right and wrong ways to care for a baby. It’s enough to make a new mom crazy. How do you figure out which advice to take, and which to ignore completely?

Never fear — other moms have been in your shoes, and we collected their insights to help you make sense of it all. Moms on, the largest site for moms, delved into the question, “What advice do you wish you had gotten as a first-time mother?” Veteran mothers offered up tons of great tips, and we picked 10 of our favorites.

Whether you’re getting ready for motherhood or already in the trenches with your bundle of joy, here are 10 tips to help you navigate the surprises with your sanity intact. Read on for parenting pearls of wisdom

Don’t worry about what other moms are doing too much. Try not to compare yourself: You’ll know if you’re doing all you can for your child, and no one else should judge too harshly. Same goes for when you see another mother doing something differently than you. Remind yourself that everyone is different (mothers and their babies) and you really have no right to say your way is better.

Do your own research, but also trust your motherly instincts! They are there for a reason! If it feels wrong to let your baby cry, then pick them up. If you want to rock your baby to sleep and cuddle them while they sleep, then go ahead. If it feels right, then it usually is right

You don’t need so much “stuff” for a newborn … They outgrow most of it within weeks! Get by with less and put all that money you (or the people who came to the shower) wasted into a savings account for the child. Babies aren’t babies forever!

Baby’s insecurity comes from sensing yours. Stay calm and the baby will be calm.

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