Monsoon Special: How to keep your little ones safe and healthy!

Monsoon Special How to keep your little ones safe and healthy


The cool breeze and the refreshing rains in monsoons come as a huge relief after the hot summer season. But these gleeful moments can also bring along humidity, mosquitoes, diseases, etc, which in turn can give you a lot of anxiety and worries regarding your little one’s health.

Below are a few tips to help you keep your kids healthy during this season:

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Since this season brings with it a lot of challenges, hygiene comes first. Keep your room and surrounding areas clean and dry.

Due to humidity, your little ones may sweat a lot, which can lead to fungal infections, skin rashes or allergies. Keep your baby clean by bathing him/her atleast once a day. Adding a few drops of neem oil in the bathing water works as a disinfectant.

Wash your hands as well as your baby’s after changing nappies and after he eats, to keep diseases at bay. Cut your baby’s nail short to keep him/her clean and healthy. .

Food and Drink: Always serve your little ones moderately hot/warm food. Make sure your children drink only boiled or filtered water. Even when you go out, carry water bottle from your home. Avoid giving them food, fruit juices and drinks with ice from outside. Not just your kids, but adults should also avoid eating from outside during this season.

If you have a baby who’s on formula milk, always use boiled and cooled water to make his feed. And if your are breastfeeding, keep breastfeeding your baby. This will strengthen the baby’s immune system as well as help protect from illness. Your breastmilk contains antibodies that can keep your baby strong and healthy.

Also, make your child drink plenty of boiled water to prevent dehydration.

Clothes: During this humid season, dress your child in loose cotton clothes that will absorb the sweat and let his skin breath. Avoid synthetic and nylon clothes.

Make sure that your child does not wear damp clothes as this can lead to fungal infections. Remember even slightly wet cloth can lead to flu. Keep his/her skin dry to prevent prickly heat.

During day time, be sure to cover your baby’s arms and legs to avoid mosquito bites.

And if you have a school-going kid, make sure that his/her raincoat, school bag, gumboots, socks and other items are dry and clean.

Avoid Mosquitoes: As monsoons bring along a lot of illnesses, keeping your home and surroundings clean can help avoid your child from mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue, malaria or chikungunya. Applying mosquito repellants/creams on your baby’s skin or using a mosquito net will help avoid mosquito bites.

Source: zee news