5 ways gain weight, Fast and Easy

MD002335Being skinny is not healthy, not when it starts to affect your personal and professional life. I was always on the healthier side of the weight and BMI index recommended for the people my age and height by doctors and medical studies across the globe. Suddenly, I pushed myself to lose weight and then was facing many health problems as I became scrawny, underweight and coupled with my tendency to not gain weight easily, it only added to my health troubles and woes. I then tried the following ways to gain weight in a healthy controlled and easy manner:

Firstly, eating wrong foods is not to gain weight, they add to bulk, cholesterol and only add to couple of health problems you already are troubled with. So, fast food, street food or too much eating is not the answer. Eat fruits like bananas, and healthy fat foods every 4 hours though out the day and don’t skip meals.

Eat more foods that are packed with all nutrients, and add more kinds of food. Pick up full cream milk instead of a skimmed one, eat more salads, dairy products, fish, eggs, eat the soy, curd, pulses, lentils, and vegetables. Eat healthier and get all kinds of nutrients.

Eat foods that have more nutrients but come in small packaging like’s peanuts, all kinds of nuts, use desi ghee (clarified butter) instead of low fat oil for cooking food. Dress your salads with virgin olive oil to pack a punch and at the same time add extra nutrient to your diet to gain weight

Eat a heavy meal before you go to bed or get some sleep. Dinner is supposed to be light but heavy dinners right before sleep are a simple way to gain weight and add that extra spoon of butter. Heavy dinner followed by no or little activity will ensure that all nutrients and fats are simple stored in the body and not wasted or used in any physical activity.

Above all, stay hydrated and consume as much water as possible and other liquids. Above all, do some exercises in consultation with a trained and experienced trainer to focus on the right weight gain areas and ensure healthy weight gain.

Source: woeld factualy