5 Reasons you should have sex everyday

Sexual intercourse is something that youngsters hanker after. The urge to make love is at its apex during the teen years. As young adults, people get a license to have sex when they get married.

Then as time passes by, the libido decreases and sex, which was once a pleasurable experience, becomes a chore. But sex is an important activity and should not be shunned.

Making love adds spice and zing to life and enables people to remain connected emotionally. At the same time, it accords many other benefits. Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of having sex on a regular basis.

Helps Look Younger
Sex is the perfect antidote for ageing. People who make love regularly not only remain happy but also look younger. Research has established that sexual intercourse releases endorphins and boosts the production of vitamin D. This acts as a potent anti-aging agent.

Increases Immunity
Increased immunity is one of the biggest health benefits that having sex accords to a human being. The heightened immunity has been witnessed in both genders; males as well as females. Love making increases immune-boosting antibodies called immunoglobulin A, which in turn, wards off common infections.

Burns Calories
Diet control and an exercise regimen are often cited as means of shedding extra weight. Having sex is the third. Recent studies have established that having sex is as good as pumping iron in the gymnasium. Love making entails a total workout of the body as it involves muscular movement of the thighs, arms, shoulders and lower abdomen.

Emotional Bonding
Sex tends to enhance the emotional bonding of a couple. It is also a good means of relieving stress. For time-stressed individuals who find it difficult to spend quality time together during the day, the bedroom encounter is an ideal platform to express their feelings and vent their thoughts.

Better Sleep
Last but not the least, sex induces sleep. The physical exertion and release of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin during orgasm promote sleep. So in addition to all the benefits, making love enables one enjoy blissful sleep.

Source: The med guru

Revealed – How sex makes you more intelligent


Sex not only helps decrease stress levels and burn away calories, but boosts your intelligence too!

Love-making proved to greatly increase the creation of new neurons located within the hippocampus – an area of the brain that is responsible for the formation of long-term memory, say researchers.

‘We discovered that even though there had been the production of new neurons, the cognitive abilities acquired during the experiment decreased once the mice were subjected to long periods without sexual activity,’ psychologists from the University of Maryland in the US were quoted as saying.

Increased sexual activity floods an individual’s brain cells with oxygen, they noted. Another study by Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea, provided further substantial evidence. According to the Korean study, sex increases intellectual functions. Sexual activity buffers the creation of neurons in the hippocampal region of the brain, which acts against detrimental functions caused by extreme stress. Older couples that are more sexually active have less odds of getting dementia which is due to a variation of complicated reasons, said a report in Glamour magazine.

Other health benefits of sex

Besides making you intelligent, sex has some other health benefits too that you probably didn’t know about.

1. Makes you look younger

Yes! Believe it or not, sex can make you look younger. According to a study conducted by Dr David Weeks of Royal Edinburgh Hospital, people who had sex more than 4 times a week, felt as much as 10 years younger.

2. Boosts your immunity

While eating fruits and vegetables are known to boost your immunity, having sex can have a similar effect. A research conducted at Wilkes University, Pennsylvania, revealed that people who had more sex had 30% higher levels of the antigen immunoglobin A, as compared to people who didn’t. The higher levels of antigen improves our body’s defence against cold and flu.

Source: the Health site