Suffering from back pain? Try these five yoga poses!

Do you often suffer from agonizing back pain? Well, it has become one of the common physical pain that we face everyday. It happens because of the long sitting hours in office or because of the wrong sitting position. While most of us consult doctors to treat the pain but the best and easiest way to get rid of the pain is by doing yoga exercise.

Here are some yoga positions that will help to ease pain in the back:

Downward facing dog
This one is the most common yoga position known to everyone. The pose stretches out the cervical spine and strengthens the core, hamstrings and lower back.


Bow pose
Bow pose is good for back as it helps in stretching and strengthening the upper back and shoulders which further improves posture and minimizes hunching.


Upward facing dog
Another common yoga pose, it is similar to downward facing dog but in this one you just have to do the opposite. This pose helps to improve abdominal and back stretch.


Seated forward fold
This one is an intense and awesome hamstring stretch. This pose helps to get rid of the back pain as it lengthens your back when you stretch forward.


Seated spinal twist
This pose helps in getting rid of back pain as it increases the flexibility in your upper body while stretching the shoulders, hips, and neck. It also improves your posture and spine mobility.


Source : zee news health

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