See what Foods to Avoid in a Baby First Year

First year in baby’s life is crucial in forming the taste and introduction of solid foods to his diet. That’s why there is some limitation and products you need to avoid in order to indicate a proper development and behavior to your child.

 See what Foods to Avoid in a Baby First Year

We are all doing what’s best for our babies, and feeding them is big part of it. All the experts agree that avoiding some specific foods before baby’s first birthday has a strong influence in later healthy lifestyle and food behavior.

See below what products can cause damages if our babies consume it before first birthday.

Cow’s Milk

It is very healthy product but not for the babies. Cow’s milk contain some minerals and proteins that baby’s. system is not able to digest effectively. Iron, some vitamins and baby feedingother healthy nutrients are not contained in cow’s milk and it need to be replaced with some other substitute.

Walnuts and peanuts
Some foods, especially this kernel nuts are highest on the list of most allergenic foods and definitely are not supposed to be part of baby’s diet. Later (after first birthday) you can give to your child those products one by one in a very small quantity.

Honey is very healthy natural food but babies are not ready for it. Actually honey can cause a contracting botulism from the sweetening ingredients that is possible to have been in contact with bacteria-contaminated soil. This sweeteners like honey and corn syrup can also upset baby’s stomach and cause diarrhea.

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