Get instant relief from a cold with jeera


With the rains around the corner, colds will soon be a very common occurrence. That is where the common condiment jeera or cumin seeds comes to you rescue. The tiny seed is packed with very potent anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Apart from that, the components present in jeera also help relax inflamed muscles and strengthens your immune system so it can fight off the infection. Jeera, packed with vitamin A and C helps kill off a cold almost instantly.

Here’s how you can use jeera to help relieve your cold:
Boil a spoonful of jeera in about two cups of water. When it boils you can add some crushed ginger and tulsi leaves for added cold fighting components. Let the ingredients steep. Then, strain and drink this decoction while it is still warm.

Another great remedy is to boil some jeera in water and use the steam from the water for steam inhalation. You can choose to add some clove to the mix. This will help relieve a blocked nose and clear up a cold. Remember to wrap your head and chest with a warm blanket right after this as exposing yourself to cold breeze right after this treatment can lead to congestion in the chest.

Source: The health

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