Five mistakes you must avoid while using sunscreen!

Many people remain confused and make mistakes when it comes to the use of skincare products, particulary sunscreen. While people belonging to the ethnic dark-skinned groups think that they do not need sunscreen, fair-skinned people too commit blunders, which in turn can increase the risk of melanomas.

Five mistakes you must avoid while using sunscreen!

Below are five common sunscreen mistakes that all of us make:

  • Using little sunscreen: Do not be stingy with the sunscreen, apply a sufficient amount of it on those parts of your skin which are often exposed to the sun such as face, neck, hands, arms and feet.
  • Not reapplying often enough: Even if you wear a water-resistant/sweat-resistant sunscreen of SPF 30, you should reapply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours, especially after swimming or perspiring.
  • SPF values: Many people think that SPF values can be added while actually it cannot be. For eg, if you are using a sunscreen of SPF 15 and then of 10, you will not have the added advantage or protection of 25, but will be getting the protection of SPF 15 only.
  • Wearing low SPF while outdoor: If you are going out in the sun, make sure that you wear a high SPF of 30 or above, which is sweatproof and waterproof. However, if you wear a low SPF you should reappy it more often.
  • Using sunscreen that has only UVB protection: Always wear a sunscreen that has protection for both UVB/UVA rays. Because UVA can cause long-term effects such as premature skin ageing whereas UVB can caue sunburn.

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