9 Simple Home Remedies To Remove Tan From Hands and legs

Home Remedies To Remove Tan From Hands

Be it winter or summer, tanning has always been a nagging skin problem. In winters, you have the option to hide it by wearing full sleeves; but in summers there is no other option but getting rid of it once it occurs.

We worry a lot if our face gets tanned but we tend to ignore our hands. Well, don’t you think you would look even more beautiful if the skin on your hands looked as good as the skin on your face? So, don’t ignore your hands. Let’s pay equal attention to them as well so that every part of our exposed skin looks gorgeous and tan free.

Tanning is usually caused when the skin is overexposed to sunlight (owing to the harmful UVA and UVB rays) and also when you forget to apply sunscreen. Moreover, some of us tend to tan or get sunburnt faster than others. This darkened skin can be quite embarrassing, especially when the dual skin shades are easily visible. But don’t worry. There are home remedies for tan removal on hands that are very simpler than you thought.

Home Remedies To Remove Tan From Hands:

Here are a few home remedies to remove tan from hands and legs.

Remedy 1:

Take chilled yogurt in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric or haldi to it. Mix it properly. Apply this paste daily for 20 minutes on your hands, face and neck before bathing. You can wash it off earlier during the winter season as it dries faster.

Remedy 2:

Take a cucumber and cut it into two halves. Now grate the half cucumber and keep it in a bowl. To this, add 2 tbsp milk or milk powder and few drops of lemon juice. Mix well. Apply and let it stay till it dries. Wash with normal water. Apply this weekly to get the best results.

Remedy 3:

Cut a tomato into two halves. Rub the inner side of the tomato on the skin of your hands, so that the seeds and juice come in contact with the skin, helping you to get rid of tanned skin.

Remedy 4:

Almonds are also very good at removing tan from the hands. Take 5 to 10 fresh and green almonds and grind them. Mix this paste with 5 drops of sandalwood oil. Apply this paste on the affected area. If fresh almonds aren’t available, buy almonds and soak them overnight. Now grind them next morning and follow the same procedure as you did for the fresh almonds.

Remedy 5:

Take the pulp of mashed papaya. Try rubbing it on the tanned area. This massage also helps in curing the tanned skin.

Remedy 6:

Turmeric is a natural skin care product that is capable of curing almost all common skin problems. Take turmeric and mix it with lemon juice. Stir well. Now add 1 tbsp of raw milk to it. Apply this on your hands and let it stay there till it gets dried up. Thereafter, wash it with cold water to see the visible results.

Remedy 7:

Cut a raw potato into half and rub its moist, exposed flesh on the affected areas. Let it dry and rinse off. Do this daily to see results.

Remedy 8:

Tap the benefits of the good old Aloe Vera. It is a great natural healer. It helps to relieve sunburn and fades tan. You can use the sap from a broken leaf directly on your skin. Apply this liberally and use regularly.

A lot of brands too are selling pure Aloe Vera gel these days in packaged form. You can buy a tub for yourself and keep it handy. You may mix a little rose water with the gel and apply on your skin.

Remedy 9:

This remedy is the easiest of all and can be applied anywhere and everywhere.

Just take lemon juice and apply it directly on your hands. Let it stay for 15 minutes. Now wash it off with cold water. Lemon juice contains citric acid which effectively lightens the skin and fades away tan. However, this treatment can be a bit drying for your skin, so don’t forget to moisturize afterwards.

Just follow any of these simple home remedies for removing tan from hands. But it is also very important to take care of your skin so that it is safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Important And Basic Tips To Prevent Sun Tan:

  •  Cover your hands properly before stepping out in the sun to avoid direct impact.
  • If you can’t cover them, then apply a good sunscreen to keep the skin protected. Apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 30 liberally and half an hour before sun exposure. If you skip sunscreen because you sweat a lot, look for a ‘non-comedogenic’ one as this will not clog your pores.
  •  Drink lots of water. This helps you to keep your skin hydrated from inside out, thus reducing the risk of the skin drying. It increases the cell turnover and lets your skin rejuvenate and renew itself.
  •  Moisturize your hands, that is, hydrate your skin externally too by applying a moisturizer that contains natural fruit acids on a regular basis. This will aid tan removal from the skin.
  •  Exfoliation really helps to remove natural tan from your skin. It helps to slough off the top layers of dead skin, leaving fresh skin beneath. Hence, you should incorporate this in your weekly skin care routine.

Just use a good body scrub and a loofah to exfoliate your skin using gentle circular motions while you are in the shower. Pick up a good drugstore body scrub. The Body Shop has many varieties available.

You can make your own exfoliator at home using natural ingredients from your kitchen shelf. For this, mix together olive oil, 1 cup of crushed brown sugar and add some freshly squeezed lime juice.

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