Study Master of Medical Science (MMSc) in Texila American University


A unique program which helps to attain the Masters in a span of ONE year. Students with basic Medical Education is inducted into this program.


  • Bachelors Degree in Medicine.
  • Registered with the respective Medical Council of India or the State Medical Council.

Salient Features

  • Students will be able to procure a world class Master’s degree in a span of one year.
  • Work in hospitals or attend hospitals/clinics to acquire necessary clinical skills.
  • Students have the opportunity to attend CME programs to gain more credits.
  • Students are exposed to Article Reviews and Publications to understand the contemporary innovation and research in the concerned specialty.
  • Support to students by giving access to e-books of the concerned specialty.
  • Weekly MCQ’s assessment are given, which would facilitate continuous learning.
  • Q and A Session to facilitate student faculty interaction
  • The MMSc programs are also offered in the form of diplomas for the students to get benefitted in various aspects.

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Doctor of Medicine 5.5 Years

5.5 md

The Doctor of Medicine (MD) is a four-year full-time course designed for students who have completed their undergraduate studies with Science background. The curriculum is structured after the best US and Caribbean Medical Schools, the MD delivers outstanding clinical and academic training, ensuring you are well prepared for the challenges of internship and future professional training.

Overview The 5.5 years Doctor of Medicine program is divided into 3 Parts. The Pre Medical Part: Duration 18 Months The Pre Clinical { basic Science } part: 2 Years Clinical Part 2 Years in Guyana (or) 2 Years in USA for US track

Eligibility: Students from 10 to 12 years of Education or Equivalent Student with NON – Pre medical College Credits Students who have earned 90 college level credit hours from undergraduate institutions or concurrently during the completion of secondary school are encouraged to apply to the 4 years MD Medicine Program, where the student will join the program at Pre-Clinical phase since those science based 90 college level credit hours will be considered in the admissions process. For more details please register here

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Admissions Open for Doctor of Medicine Program – Texila American University


About Texila American University

Texila American University (TAU) one of the best Caribbean Medical school is located in Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America. TAU offers Health Science and Doctor of Medicine programs with a high level of professionalism, exactness and problem solving skills, upon which the foundations of specialist training and an independent medical practice can be built, which facilitates further education and development of their knowledge throughout their life.

Programs Offered:

  •  BS MD (5.5years )
  •  BS MD US Track (5.5years)
  •  Direct MD (4years )
  •  Direct MD US Track (4 years )

 5.5 Years Medicine Program:
Eligibility: High School or “A” Level

 4 Years direct MD program:
Eligibility: Diploma/Bachelor degree in Health Science

Advantages of the program

  •  The nature of the Premedical Foundation with TAU allows the students to obtain strong foundation in the natural sciences recommended by USA/UK medical universities
  •  Opportunity for USA Clinical Rotation and greater advantages in applying to U.S. residencies
  •  Learning new methods and techniques, and studying new theories through our continuous education platform
  •  Students are counseled throughout their undergraduate careers about opportunities available to them at every stage
  •  Skilled Faculty with a passion for teaching with personal attention

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