Birth control pills may influence your mating choice

Birth Control Pill Recall

Birth control has not only changed family roles, gender roles and social life of women, it may also influence women’s choice of sexual partners, a study has indicated.

Birth control is used worldwide by more than 60 million women. For the study, researchers utilised a PMI (Partner’s Masculinity Index) to determine the male traits that women found attractive during the fertile phase of their menstrual cycle.

The participants were divided into two groups – one that completed a questionnaire to verify the structure of the PMI, and another to determine the pill’s influence in mate selection.

The PMI, which consisted of 20 items, was used to assess the degree of masculinity in a desired mate. It referred to concepts of physical, psychological, and behavioural “masculinity” as an indicator of genetic fitness.

The results indicated that, with regard to mate selection, taking the pill may psychologically influence women’s preference for certain characteristics of an ideal sexual partner.

The study appeared in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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Watermelon can improve sex life too!

Watermelon can improve sex life too

The summer just got hotter. The humble watermelon in your neighbourhood fruit market not only helps you shed weight, improve circulation or lower blood pressure, it can also boost your sex drive!

According to a recent study by Italian researchers, citrulline amino acid in watermelons improve blood flow and can alleviate erectile dysfunction.

Our bodies use citrulline to make yet another amino acid called arginine, which has viagra-like effect. Arginine boosts nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels – the same basic effect that viagra has.

Extra nitric oxide can also help treat angina, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems, the study noted.

The juicy fruit is 92% water, 8% sugar, a great source of vitamin C and only 71 calories per serving.

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Not tonight: pain dulls a woman’s sexual appetite, but it doesn’t affect men


It’s taken an army of mice (and a group of clever Canadian researchers) to crack open an old sexual chestnut and get at the meat inside: For women, “Not tonight dear, I have a headache” is not a passive-aggressive rebuff to a mate’s sexual invitation (not always, at least). It’s a biological phenomenon with deep evolutionary roots.

Even for females who’ve never watched a 1950s movie or been schooled in the art of sexual gamesmanship, bodily pain puts a serious damper on sexual desire, new research has revealed. And pain reduction can help restore libido squelched by physical discomfort (which suggests that fetching an analgesic and a glass of water might be a better strategy than sulking or wheedling).

In the new study, the libido-busting effect of pain was not seen in male mice, who sought to mate with females whether or not the males (or their potential female partners) were in pain. Pain made a female mouse significantly less receptive to mating irrespective of where the hurt was: in the cheek, tail, hind legs or genitals.

For males, even a pain in the penis did not dampen the urge to have sex.
Over eons and across species, that gender-specific response to pain has likely served to reduce reproduction under circumstances that are less-than-ideal for a potential offspring’s survival. A mother in pain, after all, is a mother whose full attention and physical strength may not be available to nurture her babies and protect them from predators. Males were less likely to be tending a brood and more likely to be off looking for another chance to spread their genetic material. So standing down for physical pain would have served no evolutionary purpose.

The study, published Tuesday in the Journal of Neuroscience, gleaned these insights by gauging the responses of sexually compatible pairs of mice to injections of agents that are known to induce inflammation in rodents — the food additive carrageenan and zymosan.

In some pairs, the female got the hurt-shot; in other pairs, it was the male. To rule out the possibility that mating was disrupted by specific discomforts — a hurting rear paw or a pain in the genitals, for instance — the researchers injected the pain-inducing shots in a number of different bodily sites. They chemically ensured that the female mice would be sexually appealing to male mice. And then, they left the pairs of mice in a cage that would let the smaller female mouse stay and mate with the male or withdraw to an adjoining room to be by herself.

Once they established that females in pain were far more likely to mate than those without pain, the researchers set about exploring what, if anything, helped. To some female mice, they administered the analgesic pregabalin, a drug for chronic nerve pain better known by its commercial name, Lyrica. To others, they administered “pro-sexual” agents — apomorphine and melanotan-2 — known to rev up sexual behavior in rodents (although not, reliably, in human females).

The Lyrica was no aphrodisiac. It didn’t promote an increase in sexual activity among female mice that were not in pain. But among those who were, it not only killed the pain, it also reversed the libido-killing effect of that pain. The two rodent aphrodisiacs also made females in pain more receptive to males, leading researchers to suggest that, for those looking to develop and test an effective “pink Viagra,” a good test of effectiveness might be how well it restores libido in women with chronic pain.
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The Shocking Number of New STD Cases Each Year


Still consider STDs are something that can’t start to someone like you? Here’s a intolerable existence check: Nearly 20 million new cases of intimately transmitted diseases start each year in a U.S.  That’s over 54,000 new cases per day!

And unfortunately, that series has been augmenting in new years, according to Lynn Barclay, President and CEO of a American Sexual Health Association (ASHA). It could be rising for a series of reasons, including augmenting population, improved contrast methods, and an increasing importance on removing tested. Yet this frightful stat could also meant that we’re not doing adequate to stay informed, protected, and treated.

Here, 3 things we need to do right divided to strengthen your passionate health:

Know What You Should Be Tested For
Unfortunately, there are no customary discipline for how mostly we should be tested for STDs. That’s since your contrast needs count on several factors—like your age, passionate activity, lifestyle choices, attribute status, and story of STDs, says Barclay. That’s because it’s essential to do your investigate and find out what we need to be tested for before we conduct to your doctor’s office.

In a many simple sense, we should be tested for STDs any time you’ve had defenceless sex, before we have sex with a new partner, or if you’re experiencing any symptoms, says Barclay. However, when we get tested and for what infections will change from chairman to person. For instance, if you’ve recently had defenceless sex or mixed passionate partners, we competence need to be tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. If we are experiencing any strange symptoms, ask your provider if we should be tested for genital herpes, trichomoniasis, and HPV (genital warts). The fact is that your alloy is bustling and chances are she doesn’t know a sum of your sex life, so it’s your shortcoming to know when to be tested for STDs and that infections we should exam for.

Ask Your Doctor for a Right Tests
You competence wish to lay down for this one: When we ask your provider to “test we for everything,” chances are, you’re not removing tested for everything. Most providers usually exam for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and infrequently syphilis and HIV during a slight test, according to Edward Hook III, M.D., executive of a Division of Infectious Diseases during University of Alabama. Most people aren’t tested for herpes or trichomoniasis unless they ask for it or they benefaction with symptoms, says Barclay. And you’ll typically usually accept an HPV exam if we have an aberrant Pap allegation (find out how this routine competence change formed on new Pap allegation guidelines)

Don’t assume that you’re being tested for all underneath a object when we conduct to a gyno for a Pap smear—even if we ask for “everything.” Your alloy competence know you’re intimately active and sequence a few tests, though they don’t know that we had defenceless sex once or twice in a final year, that a condom pennyless final month, or that we had a uncanny unreasonable a while ago that eventually went away. Make certain to ask your alloy that tests you’re receiving and ask additional ones if we trust you’re during risk, says Barclay.

Use Protection Consistently and Correctly
Here’s a thing about condoms: They are a second best invulnerability opposite STDs after abstinence. Still, many people don’t use them as most as they should. “We have a genuine problem as a republic in that we go into a new attribute regulating condoms and afterwards pause use,” says Barclay. In fact, one new investigate found that many women who start regulating hormonal contraception stop regulating condoms, and even when they get off a pill, some women don’t lapse to unchanging condom use.

Even if you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, Barclay suggests regulating condoms consistently for a initial 6 months, afterwards both removing retested, as some diseases don’t uncover adult right away. That said, you’ll also have to trust that your partner is being totally monogamous and honest about their passionate health. For some-more information, check out a new website, Condomology, from ASHA and Trojan.

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Forget Viagra, now there’s ice-cream that can turn you on!


 A British ice cream maker has developed a flavour, ‘The Arousal’, which includes 25 mg of Viagra per scoop. Charlie Harry Francis, who created the concoction, wrote on his blog ‘Lick Me, I’m Delicious’ that that champagne is also a key ingredient in the flavour.

Francis told Latin Times that champagne-flavoured/Viagra ice cream was a custom order by an A-list celeb, and he spent a few days developing the recipe. He said incorporating the Viagra was easy but making it taste nicely of champagne was tough.

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When allergies affect your sex drive


Allergies can have bizarre triggers. They can stop you from working out, bathing, making phone calls…and even having sex

Hard as it is to believe, things that are routine to most of us fill some with dread. A small percentage of people suffer from the most uncommon allergies — water, cell phones and even sex. While an allergy to exercise can be a godsend, Dr Suresh V Rang, the chest and allergy specialist at Lilavati Hospital, tells us about other surprising ones that make life unusually difficult.

H20 horror
Medically known as Aquagenic Urticaria, these allergic reactions burst forth every time one comes in contact with water — when you shower or wash your hands. “This condition triggers a reaction on exposure to water of any temperature,” says Rang.

Symptoms develop within minutes and include itching, burning or a prickly sensation. Most times the skin remains intact, although a faint, itchy red rash may appear across the chest, back, arms or legs. “The symptoms can be acute or chronic, stretching to six weeks or more,” says Rang.

It is not clear why some bodies react adversely to this essential element. Some doctors believe it to be due to the skin’s extreme sensitivity towards a foreign element (chlorine, fluoride, etc.) or minerals present in the water. Rang differs, saying, “We have seen people react even to distilled water!”

In mild cases, contact with water can be tackled with a steady diet of antihistamines, but there have been some cases where even a foggy day can let loose welts and blisters.

Those extremely allergic to water can even react to bodily fluids that contain it such as blood, sweat and tears, causing the skin to break out in hives or red rashes. As for treatment, Rang says, “We usually prescribe antiallergic drugs, one can also go for immunotherapy after allergic testing.”

Prescription: More sex
Some women are allergic to seminal fluid due to a condition called Human seminal plasma hypersensitivity. This occurs when the white blood cells turn against the proteins in the semen. In a case of mistaken identity, the blood cells believe these proteins to be invading bacteria or viruses. Along with itchiness, redness and swelling, semen allergies can also cause infertility and figure in 5 to 25 per cent of couples with fertility issues. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed as sexually transmitted diseases. The allergy’s only real indicator is that the symptoms show up within minutes of contact.

The upside is that desensitisation can help alleviate symptoms, and desensitisation means more sex. To desensitise a woman’s immune system against semen, she can receive shots containing small amounts of semen over the course of several weeks.

Touch me not
We are social creatures who are used to physical contact. But for some, the pressure of touch or a scratch brings up welts and hives. “Pressure Urticaria usually occurs after three to six hours of touch,” says Rang. Dermatographism, another type of allergy that occurs due to pressure, literally means ‘writing on skin’. If you have this allergy, your body becomes a paper you can write on. The cause is unknown, but it’s estimated that 2 to 5 per cent of the population has it.

Exercise can kill
The symptoms of Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis or EIA range from hives to breathlessness, nausea, diarrhoea, faintness and low blood pressure and can linger for hours. At its worst, this can trigger a full Anaphylactic shock and even cause death. What makes EIA unique is that it requires not one, but two triggers. Only exercising won’t invite EIA, unless the secondary trigger — a particular type of food, alcohol, or weather — teams up against you.

Hang up
Allergists and dermatologists have been busy fixing an increasing number of itchy rashes or painful blisters along the jaw, cheek and ear caused by cell phone usage. But in cell phone allergy or mobile phone dermatitis, the real culprit is the nickel in the handsets. Increased usage of cell phones leads to prolonged exposure to this metal used in buttons, LCD screen frames and headsets.

Nickel allergy affects more women than men, as they are likely to have been sensitised to nickel due to ear piercing. There’s really no way around this allergy except to avoid the metal itself.

Source: Times of India

Let your feelings out to boost your sex life!


Just letting your feelings out without ambivalence may be a major booster to your sex life, a study has found. ‘The more ambivalent you are, the less you are able to communicate your emotions satisfactorily, and the more you are likely to be uncomfortable with your partner,’ said Nayla Awada, a doctoral candidate in psychology at the Universite de Montreal in Canada.

Couples who regulate their emotions together in a satisfactory manner are more fulfilled sexually, psychologically, and relationally, said the study. This holds true even among couples in which the woman has provoked vestibulodynia (PVD), also known as ‘vulvar vestibulitis’, Awada discovered. For the research, Awada studied 254 couples in which the woman was diagnosed
with PVD.

PVD is characterized by burning sensation felt on the ‘vestibule’, or entrance of the vagina. ‘Ambivalence of both partners is related to greater emotional distress and more sexual and relational difficulties in the couples,’ said the researcher.

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8 foods for better sex life!

foods for sex

We can’t live without food, and we can’t love without food. Eating the right foods can improve your romantic life in a variety of ways – it can make your skin glow, it can improve blood circulation in your body and infuse you with happiness and energy. Here are some foods that you should eat in order to give your sex life a boost.

1. Walnuts
A new study has shown that walnuts could keep the fertility specialist at bay. According to scientists at the University of California, their research has found eating 75 gm of the nuts each day can increase a man’s virility and the health of his sperm.

2. Banana
Bananas are not only one of the most suggestive fruits of all times due to their phallic shape, they are also rich in nutrients that help produce sexual hormones. They contain male libido enhancing minerals and enzymes, and regulate secretion of serotonin which is known to be responsible for the euphoric feeling after intercourse. They also help replenish low levels of glucose in the body giving you an instant kick of energy after you’ve eaten it.

3. Blueberries
Eating a cupfull of blueberries once a day may help spice up your love life. According to nutritionist Dora Walsh, the berries contain proanthocyanidins, a plant chemicals that is believed to keep blood vessels flexible and blood flowing around the body that could work wonders in your romantic life.

4. Dark Chocolates
Filled with antioxidants, dark chocolate has health as well as sexual benefits. It has been associated with lowering the risk of heart disease and turning on the pleasure sensors in the brain. They contain feel-good chemicals and the ‘love chemical’ PEA (phenylethylamine). PEA peaks during orgasm and induces feelings of attraction and euphoria by releasing dopamine in the brain.

5. Basil
A symbol of love since the Roman era, basil has been regarded as an aphrodisiac for centuries now. Its leaves consist of various nutrients that enhance libido and are a rich source of vitamin A, C, magnesium and potassium.

6. Red Wine
Not only does red wine keep you looking young, it boosts sexual desire in both men and women. A research done at the University of Florence concluded that women who drank a glass of red wine regularly had better libido than others who did not. What’s more, flavonoids present in red wine reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases when consumed in moderation. Red wine is also known to release stress and make you happier.

7. Pomegranate
According to a research conducted by researchers from Queen Margaret University, a glass of pomegranate juice consumed daily helped boost testosterone levels in both men and women. This makes pomegranate a natural aphrodisiac that is great for your sex life.

8. Jeera

Yes, it’s true. The humble seed can up your sexual quotient. Packed with zinc that is important for sperm production and potassium that maintains a healthy heart rate and blood pressure, jeera is an all-rounder when it comes to upping your game in the bedroom. It takes care of fertility issues and helps avoid conditions like ED (erectile dysfunction), PE (premature ejaculation), low sperm count and virility of the sperm. Drink jeera tea on a regular basis on an empty stomach and watch things steam up between the sheets, naturally!

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Scared of sexual intercourse? Don’t be!

fear of sex

Petrified at the idea of committing yourself sexually? It’s time to get rid of the “sex fears” and “sex blues” and enjoy the most natural act made by God. Fears of premature ejaculation, a traumatic incident in the past or hesitation towards sex, may be the reason why one fears sexual contact. Shove aside fear of sex, read MedGuru ways for overcoming the fears and spice up your sex life:

No Delay in sexual intercourse
Delaying having sex for a long time can result in an unnatural fear of the act. As time passes the anxiety levels start to pile up and the fear feelings become a natural part of life. Anxiety is a negative emotion that is not productive. It pushes one away from sex and dating the opposite sex. We at MedGuru attempt to make the fear of sex rush away and let the natural course of enjoyment take over.

Cope up with the lack of sexual knowledge

Face the matter of sex, maturely with a positive stance as it has to creep up in life one day or the other. Get prepared mentally for sexual intercourse and believe that the sexual activity will be a positive experience for sure. To make things easier and learn more about the issue you can grab a few books on fun tips for sex and sex education. You can also get prepared by reading medical facts on the issue on the internet.

Stay away from pornography

One needs to approach sexuality with maturity and not by watching pornographic material. Pornography offers a sex version that is extremely unrealistic and will scare one off the real thing. It’s the sex education books that can help or there is one innovative app like the “Explore Women’s Sex” etc. This highlights the details of the anatomy of a female, and similar apps on males are also available. Take it easy and look through carefully, there is no need to learn each detail the same day, pick up a single step at a time and then begin the process or you will end up overwhelming yourself.

Choose a caring partner

Tenderness and emotion is what a human being is about. Having a sexual relation with a person who is tender will reduce the anxiety pangs and give a boost to the confidence. Having a sexual relationship with a caring partner will make the sexual journey more enjoyable as both the partners will be bothered about each other’s needs during the act. Your partner should appreciate that this is your first experience and learn how to take you on the sex path with patience and make it special for you.

Understand that sex is a special connection

Sex is an intimate act that transports both the partners onto an altogether different level. One connects to one’s partner on an emotional, mental and a physical level. It’s the ultimate way of communicating with your partner and the most distressing and relaxing activity that the partners undertake. Tell your partner your fears and share with him or her the right way to deal with it. A loving partner will surely reassure you and lead you on into the act carefully and with love. Ask your partner the preferences and the right way to move on. Understanding the needs of the partner makes the act more enjoyable.

Leave your body insecurities aside

Do not have any insecurity regarding your own body. Remember that your partner may be sharing the same fears and will be behaving strangely because of this. Don’t be too hard on your self esteem by focusing on the flaws. It’s better to think about the connectivity you are going to experience. The most important fact is that the two partners are soon going to be bound together permanently in an emotional bondage. Just go ahead and feel sexy for your partner.

Make the ideal atmosphere

Spread some aromatic flowers on the bed and light a few candles to make the ambiance better. Change the sheets for some soft and satiny ones. It’s the fantasizing that is going to get you through the glorious act so why not fan your imagination by the low soft music and the subtle candle light.

Don’t hurry the act

Now hang on, a sexual encounter is not only penetration. It involves tender and exciting foreplay for a while. Then let the emotions rule and follow the commands of your heart. You can try a sexy massage, some warm hugs, kisses, fondling your partner and then finally get ready for the total commitment act.

Lastly breathe away dollops of air. Remember it’s the breathing that is going to relax your insides and just go with the flow of the moment. Go ahead, give it a try and act out your turbulent sexy emotions.

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5 Reasons you should have sex everyday

Sexual intercourse is something that youngsters hanker after. The urge to make love is at its apex during the teen years. As young adults, people get a license to have sex when they get married.

Then as time passes by, the libido decreases and sex, which was once a pleasurable experience, becomes a chore. But sex is an important activity and should not be shunned.

Making love adds spice and zing to life and enables people to remain connected emotionally. At the same time, it accords many other benefits. Here are some reasons that highlight the importance of having sex on a regular basis.

Helps Look Younger
Sex is the perfect antidote for ageing. People who make love regularly not only remain happy but also look younger. Research has established that sexual intercourse releases endorphins and boosts the production of vitamin D. This acts as a potent anti-aging agent.

Increases Immunity
Increased immunity is one of the biggest health benefits that having sex accords to a human being. The heightened immunity has been witnessed in both genders; males as well as females. Love making increases immune-boosting antibodies called immunoglobulin A, which in turn, wards off common infections.

Burns Calories
Diet control and an exercise regimen are often cited as means of shedding extra weight. Having sex is the third. Recent studies have established that having sex is as good as pumping iron in the gymnasium. Love making entails a total workout of the body as it involves muscular movement of the thighs, arms, shoulders and lower abdomen.

Emotional Bonding
Sex tends to enhance the emotional bonding of a couple. It is also a good means of relieving stress. For time-stressed individuals who find it difficult to spend quality time together during the day, the bedroom encounter is an ideal platform to express their feelings and vent their thoughts.

Better Sleep
Last but not the least, sex induces sleep. The physical exertion and release of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin during orgasm promote sleep. So in addition to all the benefits, making love enables one enjoy blissful sleep.

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