How to Unleash the Power of Garlic

This seasoning does more than kick up marinara. It stops sniffles, wards off UTIs, and may even help prevent cancer. Who knew garlic could have so many benefits?

Clear up UTIs
Cranberry juice isn’t the only natural way to fight annoying urinary tract infections. A diet rich in garlic can help, too, thanks to the bulb’s natural antimicrobial properties, says Amanda Ursell, author of The Complete Guide to Healing Foods. Garlic bread, anyone?

Crush cancer
The next time you’re cooking, mince the garlic ahead of time. Nutritionists at the American Institute for Cancer Research found that letting chopped or crushed garlic sit for 10 minutes before heating helps it retain a third more of its cancer-fighting sulfur compounds than if it were cooked immediately.

Fight itchy feet
Got athlete’s foot? Reach for garlic, a powerful antifungal, says Debra Rouse, a naturopathic physician in Denver. Just boil several cloves in hot water, cool to a comfortable temperature, pour into a large bowl, and soak your feet. (Boiled and uncrushed garlic won’t leave a smell.)

Combat a cold
At the first sign of the sniffles, try this get-well trick from Gowsala Sivam, PhD, of Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington. Microwave 2 cloves unpeeled garlic for 25 seconds; let it cool, then peel off the skin and eat. Garlic’s sulfur compounds likely boost the immune system and help fight infection, Sivam says.

Let it bloom:
Plant garlic next to your rose bushes to naturally repel pests.

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