Tips to get back into post pregnancy shape

After delivering a child, women not only fight against sleepless nights, but also body shape. This makes the women to feel more inferior. To gain back a pre-pregnancy figure, use whatever time you have in hand for workouts, yoga and much more.

“The key is to do what you can in the time that you can, and do it more intense to make for the lack of time,” an online portal quoted celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck as saying.

She is responsible for helping models Heidi Klum, Kimora Lee Simmons and Adriana Lima quickly getting back into shape.

Orbeck, who has created a Pregnancy Sculpt DVD, recommends starting with cardio exercises and making your child part of your workout.

You can push the stroller or strap the baby on to your chest while you step out for a walk.

“As babies need so much sleep, it`s a great time to get moving during nap time and make the most of your precious time to yourself,” she advised.

Other workout ideas for new moms include sumo squats, alternative reverse lunges, reverse bridges and much more.

Orbeck suggests new moms to stick to food items that are clean, lean, green and rich in protein.

She also advises women to do yoga post-pregnancy.

“I like to build strength in women after pregnancy. Yoga is great for toning, mental health, relaxation and more during stressful times,” she said.