Healthy Heart with Cabbage

Whether it is cooked, fresh sauerkraut or packed, cabbage is often placed on the table.
Rich in nutrients and medicinal ingredients. It is rich in cellulose, which improves digestion.

Is beneficial for the reconciliation, prevention helps with colds and coughs.
Cabbage is a valuable food. cabbage tetronic acid slows the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat.

Healthy Heart with Cabbage1

This makes it a desirable food for weight loss. Sweet and sour cabbage, and brine.
A good brine is a great hangover remedy.

The Fat loss Factor see here!!!

Cabbage is a low energy value food. 100 g has 25 calories, rich in nutrients and biologically valuable substances.
Such as soluble vitamins that are soluble in water. Example 100 g of cabbage has 50 mg of vitamin C, which meets the all day needs.
It also contains vitamin A, calcium, protein, and a certain percentage of iron. Cabbage contains chlorophyll, which is a plant hemoglobin, and can be used with all types of illnesses and even against anemia.
Those who have diseases of the stomach and intestines, and digestive problems shouldn’t use cabbage in any form.

When there are no obstacles mentioned, the cabbage should be taken regularly, and acts as a laxative so that it can also affect the regulation of digestion.

It is desirable that the food is on the menu for children and adults, 365 days a year. Preferably in the fresh form, as a salad, hygienically prepared, you should carefully wash each leaf.

In folk medicine, cabbage is well known for its many medicinal properties. Tests have confirmed that it has antioxidant and antiseptic values.
Strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect in the case of many diseases and ailments like:

  • -arthritis, heart disease and blood vessel diseases.
  • -bronchitis, headaches, gout, eczema, sore muscles and ligaments.
  • -anemia, drowsiness, bruising, osteoporosis , lung disease, high cholesterol, colds and coughs.
  • -varicose veins, skin diseases, regulating digestion, rheumatism, stress, sprains, boils and pimples, stomach and duodenum …

Regular use of vegetables from the cabbage family can effectively reduce the risk of cancer.
Substances are considered to be “accountable”. For such actions cabbage have phytochemicals, biologically active plant molecules
in conjunction with vitamins and minerals beneficial effect on health. Research specialist at the University of Michigan have shown that 70% of the women who had cabbage three times a week on the menu lowered their risk of developing breast cancer, compared to those
who cropped it or not ate it, or used in small quantities.

Healthy Heart with Cabbage

One of the biggest complaints is that cabbage creates bloating, but the main reason is his cooking.

Cabbage cooking loss:

Many medicinal properties of the cabbage will be lost if you cook it. And is recommended to be eaten in raw form or possibly steamed.

Source: secretly healthy