New 3D printed toothbrushes clean mouth in 6 seconds

New 3D printed toothbrushes clean mouth in 6 seconds

Engineers have invented a new kind of toothbrush that is tailor-made to fit into a person’s mouth.

According to Blizzident’s makers, the toothbrush cleans teeth completely within six seconds, though independent studies are yet to verify the claims.

To make the brush, the dentists take teeth’s digital scan then the makers use it to find out the optimal placement of 600 bristles by simulating biting and chewing movements.

The bristles look like normal bristles but are much finer and have been tapered to reach under the gumline better.

The makers print the brush with 3D printing. They use the dental scan to create a computer aided design (CAD) model of the brush that is then converted into a 3D object using stereolithography – a method in which liquid plastic is created into the shape with an ultraviolet laser, Fox News reported.

The bristles are then painstakingly attached to this object.

To use Blizzident, a person has to bite down on it and grind their teeth for about six seconds.


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