Interesting Combination for Fruit Salad

Sometimes we think that some combinations of ingredients are inappropriate and the result will be plate with no taste. But you will know for sure only if you try! Never troy away an idea before you makes and tastes the recipe. Here is one fruit salad as a combination of cherries with tropical fruits.


Ingredients: (quantities as you wish)

  • cherries (without seeds)
  • bananas
  • kiwis
  • coconut flour
  • lemon juice


  • In one bowl put the wash and cut in half cherries
  • Add peeled and cut in pieces bananas
  • Add peeled and cut in pieces kiwis
  • Drizzle with lemon juice (if you consume the salad immediately, you do not need to use lemon juice- it is app to your choice)
  • Mix it all well and drizzle with coconut flour.

Source: healthoffered

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