Georgetown hospital receives US$10,000 donation of urology equipment

Members of the visiting Caribbean Medical Mission on Tuesday presented medical equipment to the Urology Clinic of the Georgetown Public Hospital valued around US$10,000 to 15,000.

The team is a part of the Organisation for Health Advancement for Guyana/ Caribbean. Dr Winston Mc Grill, a member of the team (residing in New Jersey) told Guyana Times that the gesture was initiated through good relationships he shared with friends in Guyana.
Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Chief Executive Officer Michael Khan said the donation was timely, and noted that Dr Mc Grill will be conducting surgery with the Guyana team today.

Dr Chris Prashad of the Urology Clinic said the hospital needed new equipment since the old ones have deteriorated, pointing out that the fight is on to battle cervical and prostate disease.

Dr Mc Grill said this is his first visit to Guyana but will not be his last as the tour was worthwhile and visibly appreciated by those seen and treated. He further noted that there is much more to be done and his mission will continue.

During the simple presentation ceremony, questions were raised about prostate cancer, more specifically if it is true that men are reluctant to do checkups because they are ridiculed by their womenfolk.

Dr Prashad, who responded, said this is not so since women often urge their husbands, fathers or other male relative to take necessary actions as the need arises.

Though there is no data on men suffering from prostate cancer, Dr Mc Grill said the number of African men affected has been on the increase.

Source: Guyana Times

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