Easy Way to Prevent Arthritis Pain During Winter Season

My arthritis becomes worse during winter. What can I do for it? What is difference between rheumatic and arthritis pain, and treating arthritis pain? Arthritis is a sensation of discomfort joint and sometimes very painful.

Arthritis can be classified as auto immune arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis as inflammatory and osteoarthritis or degenerative. Many people are suffer from degenerative arthritis, a condition that stem from tear and wear in the cartilage.

Both type of arthritis are responding to anti inflammatory medication and few anti inflammatory supplement foods can help it. On the diet program, it was highly saturated with fat and high sugar content includes high fructose corn syrup that lead to inflammation. It is important to avoid high fat as well as fried foods, saturated red meat and sugary foods.

In order to decrease inflammation, it is recommended to eat food with high nutrient as well as veggies whole grain, leaf green veggie, high fiber foods, pear, whole wheat spaghetti and raspberry. There are large numbers of supplement that can reduce inflammation. Some research shown that turmeric, hops, ginger, ground flax, and fish oil can reduce joint pain.

Some people added chondroitin and glucosamine supplement to find good result at the clinic. Last, modify lifestyle can relieve joint pain because the body can get more healing times. Give more adequate sleep and pay attention to balance and decompress stress to reduce inflammation and enhance body capacity to heal by bound and leaps.

Source: Secretlyhealthy

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